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It takes time and effort to bring on new talent. It is occasionally not even practical to hire full-time workers for a particular project. Therefore, IT staffing is the most effective strategy to grow your development team. Depending on the needs of their projects at any given time, clients can engage anywhere from a single developer to an entire team using staffing solutions because they are both economical and flexible. Additionally, it is a fantastic opportunity to test a staff member’s abilities before deciding whether to hire them on a more permanent basis.

We can serve as an extension of your staff, collaborating virtually with your business to help you scale up much more quickly. For a variety of services, we provide onsite and offshore staffing options. But web development and mobile app development are our areas of expertise.

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When you engage services to help your business from within the same nation, this is referred to as onshore outsourcing.



Working with businesses that are based in a completely other region of the world is the essence of offshore outsourcing.


Build-Operate-Transfer Staff Augmentation

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is an agreement in which the service provider constructs a software development centre, runs it, and then transfers ownership of the facility to the client.

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Pyromis Consulting team offers domain expertise, business strategy knowledge, and governance skills.


    In order to discover precise feature expectations and to resolve any conflicts or ambiguities, requirements analysis frequently requires discussion with system users.


    The document's terms and the parties' respective contractual obligations are accepted by those who have signed it.


    The technique of efficiently allocating resources to complete a task or project on time and within budget.


    The procedures for selecting a candidate who meets the requirements to fill a current.


    The phase of the project where all of your team's preparations are put into practice.

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Onsite-Offshore Model
Onsite-Offshore Model

Benefits of Hiring IT Staff

  • Direct communication with the client: The onsite project team can facilitate direct communication with the client. So there is no chance of a communication gap. The service provider also gains a clearer understanding of the client's requirements.
  • Communication with the onsite project team, who will direct, manage, and oversee the offshore workforce, should be simple and seamless.
  • Great cost advantages include cost savings by moving the majority of the work to an offshore development centre, where the resources are more affordably priced.
  • Best potential resource management: this approach has the maximum resource consumption efficiency.
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